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Friday night on a fishing trawler ...

May 16, 2010 | Cicero

I wanted to start this post something like this ..."The smell of the sea brushed my face as I got out of the car", but have come to senses soon enough. The language .. too pretentious for my taste....can wait for my debut bestseller.

What really happened is this......

The Friday was turning out the way it usually does. And I was brooding over my plans for the ever short weekend. Sleeping was definitely on the cards. The last few weeks had been pretty hectic and had been getting back home only for a few hours every night to catch up on sleep and change clothes. Had finally closed the deal on Thursday night and wanted to get away for a while.

So when the Office Party Animal invited me over to a party after work, I jumped at the opportunity. I did not ask any questions or asked for any details. What can I say, I was desperate. As it turned out, it was all for the best.

I managed to dodge some weekend assignments and headed out of office with OPA and his friend Commando. I noticed that the Commando had tried to get a hair transplant at some point of time, which had failed horribly and left thickets of hair on his head.  I restrained an intense desire to yank them out and restore his head to its pristine glory.

But enough now, should be returning to my narrative. I found OPA piling a weekend bag into the car but decided to keep quiet about it. We drove out of the city for a few hours in the dark, with all but silence in the car. The music which OPA had was more suitable for a funeral parlor than for a group of people headed for a late night party. As we left the city and drove down this empty road, there was not a soul in sight. I had second thoughts on accepting the invite. My mind went to the latest crime statistics of the area and immediately pictured myself on some lonely column on the city page announcing another unidentified body found stark naked and stripped of possessions. (I know I really have a morbid imagination. In fact I have censored the  more unpalatable portions of my anticipated obituary.)

In any case my apprehensions turned out to be just that and we finally (phew!!) reached a beautiful small coastal town which seemed to have quite a few parties happening. It seemed quite a few people had chosen to get hitched that day (the poor buggers) but we did not stop at any of these places but headed for the docks. We walked towards the fishing trawler with its lights on in the distance. There was hardly any light on the jetty and quite a few times I trampled some idiot who was sleeping on the jetty!!! In any case we finally reached our destination. Our trawler was ready to head out to sea. I looked at the yachts lying by its side and seriously contemplated replacing "trawler" with "yacht"  when I write the post.

I had a small scare when I had to jump over a few decks to get to 'our' trawler. I forgot that I was still in my 'work clothes' and as I jumped from one deck to the other, for one second I thought.. this is it .. the end of little Cicero. Well I survived and reached our boat, which shoved off the moment I landed on its deck.

OPA and some lads at the party had already started getting drunk and passed rude comments as I landed on the deck. I distinctly heard someone wonder if I would float if I fell into the sea. Someone actually asked me if I knew how to swim!!

In any case the party really picked up once we got to high seas. The music was awesome and the beer chilled!! The cooler had an assortment of spirits from Commando's bar. Through the haze I noticed that the cooler had something written on top of it. Curious I leaned forward and this is what I read "Property of .......... Government."  (P.S.- I took a snap on my Blackberry but will not share it here.)

The food was awesome - barbecued chicken, grilled fish, livers, prawns etc. After a few hours, the harassed Captain finally convinced us to return to the shore. We walked back to the waiting cars over the lonely jetty.This time I was not alone in trampling the sleeping seamen!!

No one was in the mood to call it a night and we decided to gatecrash the parties around town. It was 2 a.m. in the morning and most of the parties had long since winded down but we found quite a few places which we gatecrashed. While everyone let their hair down, the Commando brushed his thickets and joined in the dancing until the music stopped abruptly.

It was time for some java. We drove to some friend of a friend of a friend's house and woke up his Mom and demanded coffee. While she went to wake her son, we settled ourselves on the garden chairs. Their guard dog was really happy to see us and tried to shag everyone in sight. Finally the Lady of the House came with a tray containing some delicious fruits from her orchard. The lovely lady even kept quiet about her drenched dog. (OPA had been spraying the beer on us and the poor horny SOB caught a blast as it tried to shag him.)

Someone mentioned a graveyard and a 600 year old house of worship and all of us headed there. Graveyards always have this huge fascination for me, but when we all got there we found that the house of worship had been remodeled and there was no sign of any graveyard.

What we found instead was a lovely hidden cove. We all knew what to do as we ran towards the waters. Each racing the other.

BTW Baby I do float on water.

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