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Naked in a lobby!!!

Apr 18, 2010 | Cicero

Have you ever seen one of those movies, where the actor is all naked and suddenly comes face to face with a bunch of people (generally old ladies).

No its not about me or my near-nudity experiences. But about the way he or she (the actor) extricates himself from this definitely embarrassing situation.

If you have watched as many of these scenes as I have, you will notice that the common factor in all of them is how the actor covers his unmentionables with his/her hands and shuffles out of the spotlight.

Yes, this post is about the curious walk out of ignominy that I call - the shuffle escape.

If you think about it, the ideal thing to do in such situations is to get the hell out of there. What does it matter if the audience has an additional exhibition of your privates. For heavens sake, you are already in such an godawful situation, which no one is going to forget for some time anyway. They have for all purposes seen you naked man!! And then you prolong it by shuffling out of there.If you forgot about the private viewing for a second, you could have got out of there faster - a lot faster.

So why am I blogging about it here? Well I find a strange resonance with the way we work. Most of the time we are so busy covering our ass at work (by emails, spreading responsibility etc.) especially in sticky situations that we just shuffle along, instead of identifying solutions and get the hell out of the sticky mess.

To safeguard the crotch, we forget the larger picture i.e. your whole naked self, stuck in that roomful of  people.

Do you read me baby!!

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